Reusing Old Containers

Here is what I do with firm containers that are made of a cardboard drum and a tin or plastic tops, to make useful containers to keep, or in my case, to send little ornaments to people who buy from me on eBay.

Fold some nice paper round the tin drum and mark with a pencil or pen, so you know where to cut.

Using a ruler, draw a line where you know the paper needs to be cut to size.

Paste the back of the paper that is cut to curl round the drum, and carefully curl it and flatten the paper as you go.

Once the drum is fixed, draw a line round the bottom of the drum and cut out a circle.

With the circle out, paste it on the plain side away from the design. You will find the cut out circle will fit nicely inside the top of the lid, showing the pattern. Smooth it down firmly.

Here is another idea I have found useful to make boxes. I have cut the tops off two tissue boxes, then carefully squeezed one box base into the other. Then I have glued some of the pretty paper onto the top and bottom where there were printed words, to make it a new box!

Margie McGregor


Woodstock, Oxfordshire, UK