Problems? First Find Your True Self

River surrounded by trees. A father and child catch fish, and two dogs lie on the grass in the sun.

Decide what hobby you would truly love to take up (or encourage your children, or someone close to you, to do so).

I do not experience team sport or games to be a hobby for this particular purpose. If we can be happy to be on our own, we can then be happy in most situations.

When you are in your own ‘space’, privately and thoroughly enjoying an occupation close to yourself, your heart of hearts, maybe painting a flower, or fields. Or starting a collection (coins, stamps etc.). You can begin to let go troubles in the world. You know they are still there, but no longer overwhelming you.

It does not matter who you are, nor your age. There is nothing negative, or unhelpful, where you have come from in the past, socially or geographically, or within your endeavours. Nor busy present. Put all that lightly and intentionally, to one side. Just for now.

Focus upon the one hobby that creates a space of happiness, just for you, or that person close to you, whether it is for one hour a week, or one hour a day. But to enjoy it and get lost inside the happiness it brings.

Margie McGregor


Woodstock, Oxfordshire, UK