An older lady cooking while a young child looks on.
For a parent, or grandparent, cooking is an everyday activity. For children, it may be an exciting adventure that has a tasty ending!

Occupying Ourselves Happily

There may be no better time to take up a hobby you really and truly love than now, whilst we endeavour with so many of us self-isolating, or having to be at home.

A hobby, when we truly love it, can be undertaken at home, even if we plan ahead for an outdoor hobby, we might invent our own board or table game.

Every cloud has a silver lining and if we focus upon a hobby, no matter what age we are, we can change worry, fear or boredom into fascination and even joy through our own fascination. Maybe part of me just hung on to a child’s fascination.

I started to collect miniature items (not valuable) when I was 10 years old. I am now 78 and I know most definitely that my hobby allows me so much fascination and learning too.

I know, over the years I have encouraged young people who had got themselves into trouble at home, school and with police, to think of a hobby they would truly love. The hobby very quickly became their true friend and not only allowed the young person to re-direct their energies and attitudes, but it also supported parents, teachers, social workers and police.

Parents are very able to give this encouragement and it often, gives a parent, an excuse to take up a hobby for themselves.

It is so simple, it has to be experienced to be believed and a hobby need not cost money.

Friends may exchange support on Facebook, or by post etc. As a country, we can, together become very strong in over-challenging times. Many a business has been started out of something that was a much loved hobby.

Margie McGregor


Woodstock, Oxfordshire, UK