Early Prevention of Crime

River surrounded by trees. A father and child catch fish, and two dogs lie on the grass in the sun.
Photograph of Margie McGregor.

Firstly, we must stop children and teenagers developing into individuals who see other people just as objects, things that have no feelings, nor a special purpose for their life.

I feel, strongly, the one thing we each need to change is our own attitude. No matter who a person is, to respect them totally on equal terms at an emotional, feelings level. All ages.

An older lady helping a small child with a craft activity.

The major change needed is for each child to be allowed natural skills for emotional literacy. Schools enabling children to express how they feel and have the experience of their parents, teachers and other adults, are already reaching very early prevention of all crimes and social problems. A mother in her forties who I met through my children being at the same school as her own, took very quickly to my encouraging her children to take up a hobby they specifically chose, said, “I have never felt respected before.” What a record for any person to feel in what we think of as the civilised country of Britain.

Respect and care of each other’s feelings is the very root for positive change that will help everyone, everywhere. A chosen hobby is a simple catalyst for sound and happy lives.

Margie McGregor



Woodstock, Oxfordshire, UK