The beginnings of a pencil sketch of a plant. Pencil sketch of a plant.
Top: This first one had the comment “this is a good start”. Bottom: A finished item. It is very intense work from the flower itself. I would have been 14 years old at the time.

Artwork as a Hobby

One teacher in my primary school was quite keen we should draw from objects. I remember being so very proud of a carrot I drew. In my young eyes, it was perfect!

The same teacher took the whole class out on to the playing fields next to the school. She asked us to draw the scenery.

From that time, I used to draw and paint, often from imagination. Sadly, my mother destroyed all of them overnight and I just never saw them again. (I do remember her telling me that her teacher at school gave her a comment of “2 out of 10. SEE ME!” written on the drawing. So maybe I received the pay back!)

When I was in secondary school, the art and crafts teacher was absolutely wonderful in getting us to do what we could — and in our own time. That allowed us more energy somehow.

I am forever grateful to her for teaching me how to mend and make simple clothes. Sitting and repairing an item of clothing is, for me, a most wonderful way to relax.

That same teacher began to teach me how to draw, in pencil, plants and flowers in great detail.

I am wondering if teachers ever get any feedback of how their encouragement affected us in such positive ways. They certainly deserve praise.

Margie McGregor
August 2023


Woodstock, Oxfordshire, UK